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Actionable Training

Designed to be immediately applicable and useful in everyday Agile environments with a downloadable Pro-Tool Kit available to support the techniques outlined in each module.

Built In Assessments & Quizzes

Interactive learning experiences that offer you the opportunity to quiz your knowledge, discover instant personal feedback and respond to probing questions as you journey from module to module.

Premium Material

Exclusive pro-Tips, tools and industry leading concepts with premium material only made available to you through this carefully crafted learning platform!

Get All The Tools You Need To Be Successful In The Fast-Growing Agile Transformation Services Market.


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When You Become a Certified Agile Transformation Professional (CATP™), You Will Learn To:

  • Lead Your Teams Through Agile Transformations With More Confidence!
  • Get Industry Leading Tips To Create A Customized Agile Coaching Plan For Your Teams!
  • Know The Right Questions To Ask & What Early Factors To Consider!

Learn the many critical phases of Agile Transformation, and your role within its evolution so you can confidently lead your teams from beginning to winning. 

The Agile Transformation Professional Certified Course has been Accredited by the CPD Standards Office. [ Read More ]

The  Agile Transformation Professional Certified Course offers a step by step guide that teaches how to approach the Agile Transformation journey in each phase. 

The Agile Transformation Professional training is offered as a certified course resulting in a professional designation as a, Certified Agile Transformation Professional (CATP™).   This course teaches the fundamentals of Agile Transformation through 8-modules and 24-lessons consisting of built-in discovery assessments, knowledge checks, discussion boxes and a final exam.  Agile Leaders are introduced to top industry concepts, tools & techniques needed to successfully lead and support others through Agile Transformation.  Because of this, the CATP™ is complementary to all other other Scrum Certifications by helping to strengthen learners’ knowledge in the transformations space. 

From types of pre-assessments you might use, to industry leading coaching strategies, mentorship techniques and change management tools uniquely designed to support program vs. teams level needs.

You’ll learn the 6-common steps for Agile Transformation success to help guide you through Agile Transformation discussions on to execution, and what key people should be included at each phase.

Discover how to turn early Agile transformation activities into usable team outputs that aid in the creation of your Agile Transformation Roadmap and Coaching Plan.

With a bevy of real world scenarios provided, transformation case studies and team stories shared and analyzed, learners are offered an interactive experience with a usable 165-Page Pro-Tool Kit which encompass the tools, user guides and cheat sheets shared and demonstrated in each module.

What Our Students Have to Say

“As a fellow coach and mentor, I appreciated this training simply off the principle that it allowed me to group the actions I normally take into buckets of useful repeatable content. I am now well equipped to reach into this bag of tricks when I feel overwhelmed or that my leadership has become stagnant.”
Cory P.
Agile Coach
“The training was empowering, eye opening and enlightening to say the least. I’m walking away with the skills and knowledge to be an effective leader. I’m able to cater, understand, even teach and mentor in a capacity I wasn’t able to before!”
Del D.
Certified Scrum Master
“I enjoyed the content of the training very much. Everything was easy to follow, especially for somebody like me who is just getting introduced to agile principles. I would recommend this to anybody because leadership is relatable in all aspects of life.”
Michael W.
Certified Scrum Master
“The parallel of the Kanban board & course outline was a nice touch! Very nice to have received additional effective industry techniques during the course as well!”
Timeaka M.
Certified Product Owner