The Agile Transformation Professional Certified Course is Accredited for its 2-Day Virtual Classroom & Online Training

Our Accreditation Process: Accreditation serves as the “Trustmark for training” and Agile Educate, D/B/A BrandDisco LLC , has received an Official Global Accreditation from The CPD Standards Office, which is the action or process of officially recognizing the (CATP™) courses as a professionally competitive designated status in the Agile/Scrum market.

What Accreditation Means For You: Accreditation means participants who take this course may be eligible for the following:

  • Credits from employers, as an approved paid training
  • Career advancement opportunities to help in the promotions process
  • Learning and Development goals
  • Financial aid assistance and support
  • Employer reimbursement programs
  • Globally recognized competitive professional designation to add your resume profiles

Get Credits Toward Other Professional Designations thru this Course: Scrum Alliance allows its members to claim Scrum Education Units (SEU’s) by taking Agile/Scrum related training courses, webinars and more throughout the year. Taking & successfully passing the CATP™️ online course, or 2-Day Virtual Classroom, would make you eligible to claim credits. PMI and other professional communities may work the same way.

* See our FAQ’s by clicking here to learn more about how taking our courses may be eligible toward Scum Alliance’s SEU’s.