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Our Story

Agile Educate is an online training platform that specializes in offering certified Agile Transformation training courses and coaching-tools on demand. Led by parent company BrandDisco LLC, a Federally registered Veteran Owned, Agile Coaching & Training Solutions company, Agile Educate focuses exclusively on its online Agile courses. After responding to the rising demand for Agile Coaching and Certified Training , BrandDisco came to the realization it could bring more value to its customers by providing an Agile learning platform on demand. Through this realization, Agile Educate's online platform was created as a resource to help leaders lead their people more effectively through Agile Transformation!

Meet Our Lead Instructor

Dawn Nicole McIIwain, SAFe 5.0, ICP-ACC, CSPO, PSM, CSM, Certified Agile Coach and Agile Transformation Expert Practitioner

Dawn Nicole, a top recommended and highly sought after Agile Coach, uses Agile principles and values to help organizations grow & succeed by empowering leaders and teams to be more adaptive, creative & resilient in their business growth strategies, decision making & product development.

As a Certified Agile Coach with over 23 years in corporate leadership, Dawn Nicole and her team creates and delivers coaching programs, techniques & tools used by corporations, City Governments and U.S. Military Officials with a national footprint.

“This course means a lot to me because like so many other Agilists, I once thought the answer to understanding Enterprise Agile Transformation was about piling-on additional Agile /Scrum Certifications.  Instead, I began asking more questions, drafting up roadmaps & coaching plans, working with leadership and developing tools around every day scenarios to help effectively lead our teams. The industry courses I had taken, either focused on coaching only – with no practical skills around kick starting Agile Transformations, or focused exclusively on frameworks and not the holistic techniques needed for an ongoing transformations journey.  Because of this, the CATP™ is complementary to all other other Agile/Scrum Certifications by helping to strengthen learners’ knowledge in the transformations space. Dawn Nicole McIlwain